The Power of a Correct Core

Powerful Posture I

In our first workshop, Powerful Posture I, we talked about how your posture greatly influences your mental well being. It influences manufacturing of stress hormones that increase heart rate, blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and distracted thinking.

We also talked about the subtle influence your postural muscles have on reducing the effort of your movement. We learned what posture muscles feel like and even experienced, with nothing more than a thought, how much good posture lightens the load of something as simple as walking.

Powerful Posture II

In our second workshop we flipped the psychology on its head and talked about how performing posture exercises calms your nerves, creates joy, and gives you clarity of thought. Generally speaking, when you focus your intent on moving with the best posture possible, you're rewarded with a better body and better emotional health.

We also talked about different kinds of muscle contractions, isotonic (activating on side), isometric (activating both sides at the same time while holding still) and isokinetic(using both sides at the same time while moving). Remembering the terminology isn't important; there is no quiz, but to understanding the difference is to understanding how you achieve stability and improved performance.

Correct Core I

If you've come to one of the Powerful Posture workshops you can find the power of doing core work with correct alignment. Correct Core I will be coming again.

What We're Learning

  1. Correct core work has a wide range of possibilities and different work is appropriate for different bodies. Find the range, sequence, and patterns of movement that give you what's good for your body and your goals.
  2. What is your core, where is your core, what does it do, and what doesn't it do.
  3. What exercises aren't giving you the results you thought and what exercises will.
  4. Learn techniques you've not been able to accomplish, ultimately giving you fitness results you've always wanted.
  5. Core work, when done right, doesn't feel difficult, it feels empowering. A chiseled body isn't achieved by working harder, it's achieved by working smarter.

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