The Roots of Aligned Fitness & Pilates

Lori Korock

When I was in high school my part-time job was teaching group exercise classes. I loved my job, so it was only natural that I chose to study exercise science with an emphasis in athletic training when I went to college. My studies were geared toward training athletes to improve their performance, managing their training and recovery after an athletic injury, and prevention of sport related injuries.

The reason why athletic trainers need to know so much about athletic injuries is because athletes get hurt. Injuries are an inevitable part of pushing yourself to your maximum potential. But continually pushing yourself to your maximum potential can take it's toll. In fact, many professional athletes retire with permanent injuries that create chronic pain and disability for the rest of their lives.

It's Time To Think Differently

If it's your job to be the strongest and fastest player on the field, living with long term chronic pain may be the sacrifice you make to win. But if your goal is to be lean, muscular, and agile, you don't have to end up that way; you can train differently. You can strive for a different kind of maximum potential.

Stop thinking stronger and faster, and start thinking stability, balance, agility, and good posture. By changing your focus to these goals your efforts will be rewarded with feeling and looking great, not feeling beat up; and certainly not injured.

The pay off is worth it, because alignment muscles are definement muscles.

Passion For Performance

After four years of study, I realized my passion was not in performance for sports, but performance for life. Having a pain-free, fully mobile body requires real athletic achievement and the reward is daily living with energy and vitality.

I quit my pursuit of an athletic training certification and got my personal training certification instead. Then I set out to change perception of athletic achievement.

Performance For Life

Regular people with regular lifestyles have performance concerns also. Whatever you spend a majority of your day doing becomes the dominant muscle patterning in your body. When your life requires a lot of sitting or standing, those activities become programmed into your muscles.

That programming is what you bring into the gym and into your weekend activities. Your bad habits carry over into your exercise and sports. Through repetition, speed, and heavy lifting, those bad habits become orthopedic injuries.

If you want to have good orthopedic health you need to do more than just move; you need a workout that reprograms your body to move better. Practicing better movement while exercising creates better habits

That's What We Do

That's what Aligned Fitness & Pilates is all about; we guide you step by step, from old habits to new habits. As you learn to move with stability and agility a whole life of movement can and will open up.

Whether it's getting back to that sport you love, actually playing with the kids at the park, moving safely and confidently, or just not having that nagging pain, you can have it.

- Lori Korock, Owner/trainer at Aligned Fitness & Pilates

  • Certified Functional Training Specialist with American Council On Exercise (ACE)
  • Personal Trainer with American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Group Exercise Instructor with American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Mat Pilates Instructor with PowerHouse International (PHI)