Start a daily practice of caring for your body

Instead of seeing exercise as burning calories and building muscles, see it as an investment into your quality of living. Invest well and your body will repay you in better performance, recovery, and vitality. Expect more from your workouts. Every class is designed to teach, build, and practice a lifetime of better movement.

Find the right workout package to achieve your goals.

Dynamic Group Classes

The Align Workout

Align gives you a complete, classic workout, combining cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and coordination training with a strong functional element that balances movement of the foot, low leg, knee, and hip.

The cardiovascular exercises were originally designed for athletes who needed to repair their athletic injuries or needed to improve athletic performance for competition. Over time they were adapted for everyone so they could move with more stamina and endurance in their everyday life.

The strength and flexibility elements of the workout will train every joint in your body to move with precision and control, creating coordination and power with every step you take.

The Power Pilates Workout

Take the highest energy standing yoga poses. Mix them with the most healing Pilates exercises. Set them up with functional exercises, just to insure you're getting there maximum benefits. What do you get? Power Pilates.

This workout emphasizes deep, proprioceptive stretching of the hips and anterior shoulder girdle, with strength and stabilization of the scapula, obliques, glutes, and spine extensors, giving healing benefits to the neck, shoulders, low back, and knees.

The Functional Pilates Workout

Sitting and standing for long periods weekends your posture, makes your muscles tight, and wrecks your proprioception and coordination. Functional Pilates focuses on restoring it.

It increases muscle recruitment, muscle definition, and joint health. Adding a weekly Functional Pilates class will increase the benefits of all your other workouts.

The Agility Workout

Your Pilates and Align classes find and strengthen the muscles you need to create power. The Agility workout gives you the opportunity to use it.

The Agility workout uses authentic martial arts techniques for an intense cardiovascular and core workout that is low impact and safe on your joints.

Become fit and feel fabulous...the balanced, healthy way.