Aligned Fitness Method

Whether you're an athlete, have orthopaedic injuries, or just want a smarter workout, we have the program to reach your goals! Our program is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe, nor interfere with or replace the advice of your medical professional.

Find the right workout package to achieve your goals.


General Fitness

We have a wide variety of group workouts to get you in shape, and keep you in shape, while also specializing in restoring, maintaining, and building better posture, balance, coordination, and a lifetime of healthy joints. Look at our schedule, class descriptions, and prices on Mindbody and sign up today.

We also have private sessions and semi private session that can be tailored to your fitness goals. Schedule your first session today by phone, text, or email!

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  • Athletes

    We evaluate movement deficiencies that deminish performance. These deficiencies, or "gaps" cause tightness, loss of your range of motion, loss of power, loss of coordination, and adventually athletic injuries. We design specific exercises that repair the gaps, allowing a safer and higher level of performance. We don't coach, we aid athletes so they can reach their potential with their coache's program.

    Schedule a private or semi private session to start you movement evaluation and performance program today! Phone, text or email.

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  • Injuries, Tightness or Pain

    Chronic pain and stiffness can usually be associated with a movement gap or strained, tight slings. Start with getting an okay by your doctor, then schedule a private session so we can get the the root of it. As you build healthy movement we'll recommend which group classes will be best to practice, rebuild, and heal you back to your old self.

    Look at our therapeutic group classes on MindBody.

    Or phone, text, or email to schedule your private session.

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  • Seniors

    Loss of movement is expected as we age, but it doesn't have to be. If you work smarter, you can get back and maintain your balance, flexibility, and coordination for your lifetime. Look at our classes and find out how.

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  • Become fit and feel fabulous...the balanced, healthy way.