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A collection of FAQ and commentary from Aligned Fitness & Pilates.

Your practice of Pilates is your own

Starting a new form of exercise can be intimidating, especially Pilates. Regularly, the studio is asked, "How do I need to prepare myself so that I can fit in and keep up with those who are already practicing?" But Pilates is for everyone, not just the athletically gifted or experienced.

Learning to move in a way that protects and stabilizes your joints is important for everyone and vital for living a full and vibrant life. You deserve to feel well and live a vibrant life.

Pilates and good postural habits take regular practice, but more importantly, they takes patient, experienced teaching that teaches you what it feels like, looks like, and how to make it right for you.

To say that all skeletons are the same is like saying that all faces are the same. Sure, we all have eyes and noses and cheeks and chins, but each face is unique. A majority of those unique qualities come from the skull itself, a part of our skeleton. The rest of our skeleton is just as unique, as unique as your face.

So why would a practice of good skeletal health be the same for all students? It isn't. A good practice for you SHOULD look different than the practice of the person next to you. In a good Pilates practice there is no "keeping up" with other students because your practice is unique to your needs. LEARNING what's right for your body is an ever changing practice, of which you get to spend a lifetime exploring and learning, and a good instructor will be able to teach you what those differences are.

When you initially show up to your first workout you will have no experience, but it's not necessary. The only experience necessary is your instructor's experience in guiding you through a safe and effective workout every time you come in. Your responsibility is to show up and learn a little bit about yourself every time you come in. Your fitness will improve with each workout and so will your experience.

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